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When eyelash extensions, if it is impossible to master various basic techniques, then in actual combat, there may be multiple errors caused by wrong habits and methods. Precise basic techniques are also the basis for successfully completing the operation. Therefore, the eyelash artist must now steadily learn the basic techniques.

The first thing to say is how to hold the tweezers: the correct use of tweezers is also relatively basic, but it is also more important. Two tweezers are needed for operation, one for the left hand and one for the right hand (for false eyelashes use elbow tweezers, for real eyelashes use straight tweezers). When you are using tweezers, how to take it comfortably, as long as it is convenient to move, it will be more convenient and free to adjust the strength of the thumb and index finger. When you use eyelash tweezers, the strength of both hands needs to be evenly distributed. If you use excessive force, it may be applied to the forehead or the face of the customer, causing discomfort to the customer. Since the tip of the eyelash tweezers is very sharp, it is also a dangerous tool. Be very careful when using it, do not get into or touch the eyes of customers.

Head mold eyelash separation method: Paste one-time false eyelashes on the head mold and practice to separate the eyelashes. Under the premise of not touching the skin around your eyes and the eyeliner, use tweezers to better practice the separation of eyelashes. Use your eyelash comb to straighten out the false eyelashes. Separate one of your own eyelashes at the middle reference point of the eyelashes. Tip: If two or three eyelashes are separated at the reference point, you cannot perform the 1: 1 operation of the eyelashes. After the operation, it is also likely to irritate your eyes or cause it. Stubborn hair removal.

Direction and angle of the tweezers: It is more convenient to only hold the tweezers and separate one eyelash with the top of the eyelash tweezers. In addition, the direction of the hand and tweezers should be the same as the angle of the false eyelash tweezers. Real eyelash separation method: When the operation is really performed, use the tweezers to better separate the customer’s real eyelashes and complete the better eyelash extensions.

  1. Smooth the real eyelashes with an eyelash comb.
  2. Be careful not to touch your own eyeliner, use tweezers with the directions and angles indicated in the separation of the head and eyelashes.
  3. For one-to-one operation of the eyelashes, make sure that the false eyelashes do not overlap with the real eyelashes next to each other, and grasp the directions one by one (only the direction of the tweezers that separates one real eyelash).
  4. The better you grasp the separation direction of real eyelashes, the smoother the operation will be.

Human eyelashes are mainly divided into 3 to 4 layers, and should be separated from the bottom healthy eyelash layer (only starting from the bottom eyelashes, the eyelashes will not deform after surgery).

False eyelash plucking and clamping method: Hold tweezers with one hand and practice pulling false eyelashes one by one. After pulling it out, use tweezers to clamp it, and use diagonal forceps to clamp the pulled out false eyelashes in a 45-degree oblique direction. Hold the false eyelashes and pull it out to the side. Use tweezers to clamp 2/3 of the false eyelashes, slowly raise your hand and pull out toward the chest. Clamp the false eyelashes for operation Although the eyelashes are cylindrical, the naked eye cannot distinguish between the front and back, but the eyelashes are actually divided into front and side. Clamp the front of the eyelashes during the operation. If you press too hard on the eyelashes, the false eyelashes may bend and deform, so the intensity must be moderate. If the direction of the eyelashes is reversed or not oblique, the eyelashes may bend when finished.

Position and angle of false eyelashes: When clamping false eyelashes with tweezers, be sure to clamp 2/3 of the false eyelashes. In addition, the direction of clamping the false eyelashes is oblique, so that the arms and hands will not be awkward, and the range of operation will not increase.

How to use glue: Let’s learn how to apply false eyelashes to glue. The most important point when using glue is to ensure that the glue does not flow when dipped. Shake the glue fully left and right and pour it on the glue table. Slowly move the false eyelashes into the glue on the glue table and dipped it evenly. In order to prevent the false eyelashes from forming water-drop-shaped glue, you should evenly dip the glue. Grafting eyelashes actually has many issues to be aware of. Only by considering them in many ways can we better demonstrate the effects of eyelash extensions. So if you want to graft your eyelashes, then you also need to find some more professional eyelash shops to do the grafting. In this way, you can better show the beauty of your eyelashes.

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