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Before and after grafting eyelashes, you‘d better understand these things clearly, otherwise it will not become beautiful, and it will also be guilty. At present, every girl hopes that her eyes can be attracted at the first time. More people can attract some people’s attention, except that their own eye shape is more beautiful, and having a thick and long eyelash is also very important. Therefore, at present, it is mainly to achieve this effect. Some young ladies and sisters also choose to graft eyelashes, so that their eyes can look flickering. But before and after the grafting of eyelashes, you’d better go to understand these things, otherwise, there is no way to become beautiful and you will be punished.

Before you graft eyelashes: if the condition of the eyes is not allowed, it is best not to graft: if your eyes are more sensitive, or if you often get inflammation now, try not to choose grafting. Because at present, this method will also irritate your eye skin, causing a more serious situation. If that is the case at the moment, it will be worth the trouble.
When you are eyelash extensions, don’t blindly pursue thickness or longness: Although the thick and long eyelashes are also very beautiful now, this time is mainly about one degree. And how to measure now also needs to make a choice based on the condition of your own eyes. If your eyes are relatively small at present, it is also suitable to graft one or two eyelashes on one eyelash. If multiple grafts are grafted on one eyelash, this will also appear to be particularly uncoordinated. In addition, people with larger eyes now can go for a few more grafts appropriately. In short, if they are measured by natural sense, they will not go wrong.
Choose the shape according to the eye shape: When you are eyelash extensions, the current store usually asks or recommends the type of eyelash grafting. At present, the general types are mainly eye-lengthening, eye-lengthening, and natural-type. Different types of eyelashes also have very different effects at present, which can also modify the shortcomings of your eyes, so at this time It is necessary to communicate with the store according to your own conditions and needs, so that after the grafting, it can better play a good effect.
After you graft: Don’t apply mascara anymore: After you graft your eyelashes, the eyelashes will naturally have a visually magnifying effect, so you don’t need to brush your mascara at this time. In addition to not mascara, it is afraid that it will affect the nature. The main thing is that after applying mascara, you need to remove makeup. There are also some ingredients in the makeup remover products that are very unfavorable for eyelash extensions So it is best not to apply mascara at the moment.
Don’t drag the false eyelashes that are about to fall off: After you graft the eyelashes, for various reasons now, there will be many aspects of eyelashes falling off. And now when we encounter the situation of eyelashes falling off, everyone should never drag directly with your hands, because this is very harmful to our real eyelashes. The best way is to wait for it to fall off naturally. If it affects your normal life very much, you can also find the store to deal with it. Remember that you cannot solve it by yourself.
Don’t graft frequently: grafted eyelashes are not your own, and when you are grafting eyelashes, you need to use glue and many other things. And if these things are in frequent contact with our eyes now, it will also cause multiple damages to the eye skin. And now the shortest two times to graft eyelashes is more than one month, so that it will be better.
Grafting eyelashes can be done by every girl, but before you do eyelash grafting, you need to understand what you need to pay attention to before eyelash grafting, and what you need to pay attention to when you do eyelash grafting, and Just when you graft eyelashes, you should only pay attention to what. Because this eyelash technique can be said to be a small surgery, you also need to consider your own system when you are grafting. If you are not suitable for grafting eyelashes, it is best not to graft eyelashes. In this way, there is also a great guarantee for your own safety.

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