Today I would like to tell you about some related content of false eyelashes. At present, false eyelashes can be said to be the finishing touch for our entire eye makeup. Let our eye makeup look more energetic and magnify the effect of our eyes. It is also better, but at present, everyone’s eye shape is not the same. How to choose the false eyelashes that are more suitable for you, then I will tell you below.

The first to share is the basic whole false eyelashes.
1. The length of the false eyelash stem can be adjusted to suit the length of your eyes.
2. Clip your lashes and apply a thin layer of mascara on it.
3. Apply some glue to the false eyelashes, wait until the glue becomes translucent, during which you can pinch the two ends of the stem, and bend the false eyelashes into a shape of your own. The radian fits more closely to prevent the two ends of the false eyelashes from being lifted.
4. Apply false eyelashes. At the position you are applying, between the root of your real eyelashes and your skin, the initial position of the false eyelashes is about 4mm to 5mm away from your eyes. Do not stick to your eyes.
5. The eyelash curler presses the real and false eyelashes together to prevent them from looking layered on the side.
6. Check if the false eyelashes on both sides are symmetrical, and the length of the end of the eye is equivalent.
7. Use a fine eyeliner to draw a thin eyeliner along the root of the false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes and some of the outer eyeliners drawn before can be better integrated (the end of the eye is slightly elongated) and then fill the gap between the real and false eyelashes. .
Know how to wear false eyelashes and then come to share a few important points about wearing false eyelashes. The natural long lashes in the middle and two short lashes are suitable for most eye shapes, which can enlarge the eyes and is suitable for daily use. The denser eyes are short, and the long-staggered style has the main role of emphasizing the ends of the eyes (where the false eyelashes are denser and longer, it emphasizes the role of the corresponding parts of the eyes). When trimming styles with short eyes and long tails, you must start trimming from the ends of the eyes. When trimming styles with long middle ends and short ends, you need to cut a little at each end. Clip the lashes before applying the lashes and brush the mascara to prevent the real and fake lashes from delaminating from the side. Glue should be applied on the edge of the stem and under the stem (the side that fits the real eyelashes).

In the following, at present, it is also about the many problems that are easy to appear when wearing false eyelashes. The eyelashes are also relatively tight, but there are many layers: when applying false eyelashes, you must also tilt your eyelashes and apply a thin layer of lashes to set the shape. You can choose to squeeze the roots of the lashes with natural thinning hair. Apply and apply mascara after the application to prevent delamination of real and fake lashes. There is a little trick to share better: after the false eyelashes are pasted, use two cotton swabs to press the real and false eyelashes up and down, and pull the eyelashes gently to pull out the eyelashes, you can press the real and false eyelashes together .
Regarding the secondary use of false eyelashes: Good-quality false eyelashes can usually be reused about 5 to 6 times, but when removing the grazing, you must pay attention to using makeup remover to gently remove makeup, do not use tearing. This will also cause the deformation of false eyelashes and hurt your eyelids and eyelashes. After each use, you also need to use makeup remover to clean the residual glue and mascara on the false eyelashes, and air dry (such as residual glue after drying) Just gently tear it off), put the false eyelashes in the original box for storage. False eyelashes are always raised at the head of the eye: before the application, you can massage the eyelash stems in a “U” shape.

Next, I will share with you how to wear a single cluster of false eyelashes. Single clusters of false eyelashes are divided into single clusters and single roots. Because everyone’s own conditions are different at present, it is difficult to have a pair of false eyelashes that can completely meet their eye conditions and makeup needs. Clusters and single false eyelashes are used to make partial adjustments and supplements. When used properly, the eyelash shape after makeup is also very realistic. The role of single eyelashes and the advantages of makeup are that the length and density can be flexibly controlled according to their own needs, to fill the gaps, increase the plush feel, the combination of staggering and single divergence, the modification of the eye shape, and the makeup feel close to true eyelashes.
False eyelashes are now available to many people, and now they can be used better and better. Just follow the above steps. In this case, you can also use false eyelashes better. The effect can also be better. When you choose false eyelashes, you also need to make careful choices in many ways, and choose the false eyelashes that are suitable for you, so that you can better show your own eyelashes.

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